Do you remember being a child on the night before Christmas?

Do you remember the anticipation? The excitement? The joy you felt when you awoke to the smell of your fresh pine tree and the promise of gifts from your loved ones?

For most of us there’s nothing like being a kid on Christmas.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed.

There are thousands of children in Australia who aren’t so fortunate. Many Australian children are affected by abuse, neglect, homelessness and poverty every day. For these children, Christmas is a sad, lonely and heart-breaking time.

You can help.

Show your support and help bring joy to desperate children in need this Christmas.

No kid should go without a gift on Christmas. No tree should go empty…

This year we’ve partnered with Barnardos to do a toy drive. Being an agency agnostic firm, allows us to work with some fantastic agencies around Australia, so we thought we’d tap their shoulders to help with the toy drive.

I wrote a brief for all agencies in Australia as part of the ‘No Tree Empty – Christmas Appeal’ campaign, which you can read here. There’s tight time restrictions, so I personally set up the website on squarespace (so don’t judge the design!)

Jump on over to the website, find out more about the appeal and how you can help send toys to kids around Australia who need them most!

A big thank you to the agencies who’ve already jumped on board.

Also, a thank you to B&T for picking up the release.

Fabian Di Marco