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Digital Marketing Strategy - a User Centred Approach


Amcor is one of the worlds largest packaging companies, servicing a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage.

Predominately, Amcor grows through M&E; their sales channels control most of the narrative for generating leads and converting to new business, however, for certain industry segments the sales team are limited by capacity, meaning the company is limited to grow in those segments.

Amcor had identified several key industry segments in Europe that they had a product fit for but low penetration and low Sales resources. The challenge was to develop a new lead generation channel for this industry, which relied less on sales and could tell the right story to the right decision makers across multiple segments in their local language..

What We Did:

Tzu & Co. kicked off their LOAD process; analysing the landscape for both macro and micro factors influencing behaviours. Working with Amcor, Tzu then setup a user research phase with a goal to understand the ‘people’ behind the decisions, and the motivations, influences, frustrations and channels used to make decisions.

Conducting numerous interviews, in multiple languages, across several subsets of decision makers provided the insights, along with the market and online analytics intel, to define the journeys key decision makers and influencers were going on to decide on their packaging supplier. This intelligence allowed Tzu to define the primary areas of opportunity, in both short term and long term, to reach the right people, at the right place with the right messaging at the right time.

Communication plans, channel plans and end-to-end experiences were then designed, followed by training with key staff members to ensure long-term success


This same methodology and template is being rolled out across different industry targets around the world, allowing Amcor to target customers through digital marketing channels and speak directly to the customer need.