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Bavarian Bier Cafe

Data Analysis | Loyalty Program | Ad Campaign


Bavarian Bier Cafe has over 20 restaurants across Australia.

The business was spending most of their marketing spend on awareness or booking campaigns, constantly trying to fill the top of the funnel. The company wanted to know how it could maximise yield of its marketing spend?

What We Did:

We began by analysing existing sales and email subscriber data to develop insights into spending behaviour and customer sentiment.  After workshopping and working with the marketing team, we were able to overlay this data with further context.

From the analysis, we identified tens of thousands of people were visiting per week, and they consisted of three main customer types; Casuals, Celebrationists and Loyalists. There were limited means to track returning visitors, yet through analysing credit-card payments, we identified Loyal customers were worth x5 as much in revenue as Casual visitors. However, there were limited means to track returning visitors, and no means to reward existing Loyal patrons or to incentivise Casual or Celebrationist patrons to return.

Furthermore, we identified a key insight; the Oktoberfest campaign period presented an opportunity - through this period over 100,000 people would visit the venues each year, no matter the customer type. Subsequently, the Tzu team developed a strategy to launch a customer Loyalty program leading up to and within the Oktoberfest campaign to capitalise on the increased traffic and drive exclusive interest for Oktoberfest.

This Loyalty program would allow Bavarian Bier Cafe to not only capture more data on their patrons but drive more yield out of their marketing spend by increasing return visits for low cost.

Additional to the strategy, Tzu designed, led and implemented the go-to-market campaign, working with the clients branding agency, media agency, venue managers, and marketing team.


The Klub loyalty program generated over 20,000 members, and that years Oktoberfest generated the highest number of patron bookings in the brands history.