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Fuji Xerox Australia

Digital ‘Go To Market Strategy’ & Lead Acquisition Plan


The Managed IT Services market is crowded, Fuji Xerox had decided to launch into this space - however, competition had been in the vertical for a while and already had established strong relationships. How could FXA break through the white noise, with a very small budget and tap into the SMB market, looking for IT Services?

What We Did:

With intense competition, and the budget as lean as it was - Tzu

proposed using a ‘Lean Startup Methodology’ coupled with it’s own “LOAD” Framework. This would allow FXA to move quick and make decisions fast without spending a lot of money. Tzu commenced the following:

1. Brand Identity Exercise: As we were establishing a new division, offering a new service to a new audience base we had to develop a clear voice and position.

2. LOAD Phase: We looked at data and behaviours from:

1. The Competition

2. The Market

3. Customer Journey and Decision factors

4. Service Gaps

5. Internal Capabilities and Processes

3. Developed a Customer Acquisition strategy, and communication plan using the data identified - leveraging heavily LinkedIn Lead Generation platform, existing relationships and search-demand harvesting for low cost - highly targeted leads.

4. Developed training manuals for the sales team to execute on the leads we were driving.

5. To manage the project we used a series of cloud based tools to keep communications flowing (E.g. TeamGantt, Dropbox, BaseCamp).


By the time of launch, FXITS had over 700 SMB prospects ready to begin converting and a further 1,000 in the pipeline. This new service has contributed to FXA record revenues. 

The strategy and campaign was delivered for 30% under the allocated budget.