How we can help?

From data collection to analysis, interpretation, and reporting - Tzu is able to be there every step of the way.

Tzu’s team of Google and Adobe accredited consultants can assist with defining your analytics architecture and provide assistance with implementation if required.

Connecting the dots between data and actionable insights is often a challenge, in this case, our consultants are able to work with you on pulling out the most important metrics and turning them into valuable pieces of information for your reporting. Tzu is able to offer custom business intelligence reporting dashboards using Tableau or Google Studio.


Google Analytics

Google accredited consultants available.


Adobe accredited consultants available.

Business Intelligence

Consultants experienced in a range of BI tools and platforms.


Maximise your insights

Data isn't valuable until it's interpreted and actionable. Tzu can help you make sense of all the numbers and how they can help your business objectives.

Improve data capture

You could be missing out on valuable pieces of information because you aren't capturing all the right data, or connecting your data-capture tools correctly. Improving how you collect information allows you to potentially unlock greater bits of insights to act on.

Make Faster Decisions

With the right information at your fingertips, when you need it, you're able to make smarter faster decisions.

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