We help legacy organisations solve today's problem for tomorrow

Tzu & Co. is a fully independent and solutions-agnostic boutique digital strategy, data science and marketing consulting firm with a global footprint who specialises in; digital growth & performance challenges, transformation, innovation and training. Whether you need to perform a strategic task or require a tactical response, we’re experienced and agile enough to make a difference.

Unlike traditional digital agencies or consulting firms, we remain unbiased in our strategic recommendations as we don’t offer production or media buying - subsequently, we are not wedded to design, development or communication solutions.  

Our team is comprised of marketers, data scientists, digital business consultants and project managers - offering a unique, cross-functional service to any digital business challenge.

Truly independent, since 2013 we have briefed out over $50m worth of work to vendors around the world, without commission. We work collaboratively with our clients and agency partners to solve fundamental business and data problems with digital technology, strategy and execution.

Data Science Meets Marketing

Solving a performance or growth challenge requires the right combination of data science expertise and marketing or operational acumen, rarely found in one individual.  Tzu & Co. provides an integrated, cross-functional service offering that harmonises the disciplines to work together. Marketing or digital business strategists are paired with data scientists and analysts to define, discover and deliver the best outcome. We’re a conduit between the disciplines.

Why are
we different?

We’re not a digital design or development agency. Our focus is on strategy and execution of that strategy, working with or without agency partners. We’re completely agency and solution agnostic and have no vested interest in selling you a specific recommendation.

Tzu & Co. Clients

An extension
of your team

We’re for clients who:

  • Want strategies that are built around the needs of their business, not the needs of ours.
  • Want measurable, business-impacting results.
  • Want to extract as much value as possible from their spend.
  • Who wear many hats and need an extension of their team to help question their objectives, design a strategy with them, oversee the execution and assist in the management of results.
  • Are forward thinking and want to create a sustainable business, in both good and bad economies.

Redefine your place in a digital world.


Fabian Di Marco

"There are not more than five primary colours, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen." - Sun Tzu, The Art Of War


With a focus to solve strategic business, data and marketing obstacles,  Tzu & Co. work to explore and expose a company’s micro-ecosystem; its core challenges, processes, threats and customer-data, in conjunction with an analysis of the macro-environment. ‘Whilst most firms provide a bolt-on solution to a broader client problem, we address the fundamentals first. For a company to succeed it must know the objective truth and go beyond the surface to understand the root of the problem. From here, they must make decisions, or risk being open to disruption,

Tzu & Co. looks at the entire business to provide in-depth, impartial information that empowers companies to act on real insights, rather than try to make sense of it. We help define the problem and choices for strategy,  develop the goals, activities, campaigns and measurements to success, then find and/or work with the right suppliers on delivering these solutions.