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Health, Wellness and Fitness is one of the worlds fasted growing industries with double-digit annual growth and an estimated global worth of 3.7 trillion dollars

The consumers within this space are adopting technology at unprecedented rates, pushing the industry players to constantly innovate and find new ways to not only solve health outcomes but also meet their new behaviours and expectations.

From wearables and mobile health to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - the digital evolution of the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry is progressive, aggressive and competitive.  Tzu and Co. have experience across a spectrum of sectors within the industry to help you define your voice, your product and your competitive advantage. 


Helping you navigate the choices you need to make to win in your market.

Product Innovation

Helping you develop product solutions to solve customer pain points and experience gaps.

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Providing expertise in the industry and a deep understanding of your customers.

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