How we can help?

Technology is changing the expectations of patrons and their relationships with the hospitality industry. The industry is seeing a boom in technology transformation, from how it views infrastructure and skill-set requirements to redefining the entire customer experience, from bookings and payment to communication.

In an industry that is volatile to economic uncertainty, and that is seeing competition enter with non-traditional models, Tzu and Co. help clients position themselves for sustainable competitive advantage. Our experience in the hospitality industry includes some of Australias most well-known brands.


Customer Insights

Knowing more about who your customer is, how they behave and what your customer wants can help companies create best in class experiences.

Competitive Advantage

Digital can play a key role in helping you distinguish yourself from the competition and gain a sustainable advantage.

Drive Loyalty

The hospitality industry relies heavily on the loyalty of their patrons. The right strategy can help you not only drive loyalty but increase share-of-wallet. 

Case Studies