Data Challenges

As organisations seek to improve performance, grow or transform, by leveraging their data, they typically face several pain points.

1. Fragmentation

Data is often produced and managed in separate systems, thwarting analyses across channels.

2. Utilisation

The average company doesn’t have the internal capability and capacity to both understand and interpret their data in a meaningful way or the skills to utilise the tools they’ve invested in.

3. Privacy

With increased scrutiny surrounding data privacy, acquisition, usage, and ownership, if businesses are not using their data as an asset to add value, their data becomes a liability.

How We Can Help

Turning challenges into opportunities.

1. Predictive Modelling & Maintenance

Detecting patterns of success or anomalies before they lead to costly downtime, results in reduced costs and maximised profitability throughout a company's operations.

2. Smart Marketing

Using our cross-functional expertise across data science and marketing, we can effectively understand the behaviours and potential of your customers, then interpret that data into actionable insights to improve experience, sales, revenue and drive retention and frequency in a more efficient way.

3. Data Driven Decision Making

Capturing, analysing and visualising important business information promotes objective decision making, removing cognitive bias; from developing new products to media investments to hiring or retaining the right talent.


Web Analytics

Tzu offers both Google & Adobe accredited consultants, along with expertise in other platforms such as Amplitude and Branch. From audits, to tag management and reporting - we're able to assist.

Business Intelligence

Consultants experienced in a range of BI tools and platforms, to help clients visualise the most important data.


Tzu data scientists help your organisation leverage the power of deep learning to uncover the world of opportunity within your data

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