Data Science Meets Marketing & Digital Operations

After strategy and planning, the next task is to implement. Tzu & Co. Project and Change managers are professionals in achieving delivery success. 

According to Harvard Business Review, 90 percent of strategies fail to deliver their intended results. They fail at the point of execution. We can work alongside your organisation to assist in the delivery of the digital strategic roadmap. From understanding the organisational culture to assisting with buy-in and internal communication. We take a holistic approach to execution, one aimed at sustainable success. Our team of consultants and project intermediaries can assist you from the design of the rollout plan through to implementation and handover.

Whether your team is fully resourced and requires an external party to assist in steering the success of the strategy rollout or you belong to a small team where you each wear multiple hats and require an ‘extension of your team’ - Tzu can help.


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