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Understanding the full scope of your digital and technology problem can be challenging. Often, digital health checks forget to analyse the people involved in your processes and the competitive landscape you're competing in. For this gaining a complete view of your current digital state, Tzu uses the LOAD method.

Landscape Overview Analysis for Digital (LOAD) is the first step in our Digital Strategy Framework. This process reviews all of the key components of your digital ecosystem and how they relate to your business and competitive landscape. People, processes, platforms & ICT, data, communication and more.

The outcome is a benchmarked set of insights, observations, prioritised risks and recommendations to then allow for optimal strategic decision making.

Scaled down versions of LOAD have also been used for departmental digital health checks.


Understand The Competition

Understanding the digital competitive landscape, and your place within it, helps an organisation define what decisions it needs to make in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Identify GAPs

It's difficult to define your future decisions if you're uncertain about where you are today. The LOAD process reviews your digital ecosystem, people, and processes in order to identify your present state and then recommends what's missing in order to achieve your future state.

Risk & Opportunity Awareness

A part of the LOAD process includes a risk and opportunity assessment. These insights allow you to prioritise and mitigate any risks on the horizon or maximise any advantages. 

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