How we can help?

A digital business uses digital at its core. It’s integral to all decision-making.  These types of businesses invest in growth and digital leadership; they are data driven and use both information and platforms to create new customer value and revenues.  They don’t ignore the customer, rather they put the customer experience at the centre of everything they do, they’re transparent, responsive to demands and redefine markets with new digital products. A digital business is positioned for sustainable growth and endurance even through economic challenges.


A business that does digital is different. This type of business treats technology and digital experiences an afterthought to their operational decisions or only as a means to improve efficiencies, replacing old ways of doing things with new ways.  A business that does digital is open to disruption and is unable to respond with agility and the decisiveness of a digital business.


Tzu & Co. helps you define what your ‘digital business’ strategy is, from business analysis and CX research (LOAD), to ‘winning strategic choices’ (Strategy), product conceptualisation and transformation implementation.


Mitigating Disruption

Companies that are able to clearly define the role of their digital business are best positioned to not only sustain but grow in the globalised, digitised age.

Competitive Advantage

The speed of innovation and new business models now means new market entrants from outside of traditional industries. With the right digital strategy, you can sustainably outmaneuver your competition.

Understanding the Problem

With so many moving parts, various stakeholders, massive amounts of data it can often mean a company loses clarity on the exact problems they need to address. The Digital Strategy process can help clarify where your business is today to then take you where you need to be.

Case Studies