How we can help?

Tzu & Co. with our ICT partner CMD solutions helps you create a successful IT operation to complement the strategic winning aspirations of your business and digital transformation projects.

The strategic planning of your people, process, and technology is vital to running an IT operation that supports your business and digital business strategy. IT strategic plans should ensure that your business objectives are underpinned by IT systems at the most competitive price point. The IT operation should allow the business to pursue productivity initiatives by expanding and contracting based on demand rather than being a weight that holds your business back.

We use a combination of industry-based frameworks, such as Cobit, as the benchmark to assess the maturity of your IT operation against your business needs. The assessment can be tailored to suit the size and nature of your business and will look at all areas - people, process, and technology - to understand how best your IT environment can be structured.

Our strategic services include:

  • IT maturity assessments and health checks
  • IT architecture reviews, gap analysis, and roadmaps
  • Transformation strategy blueprints and TCO analysis
  • Strategy planning and sourcing advice

Our IT transformation services include:

  • Monitoring of critical services and jobs with automated alerts and alarms to improve availability.
  • Automation of repetitive manual processes and jobs to increase efficiency.
  • Virtualisation and orchestration of various services.
  • Accurate reporting of the IT operation (infrastructure, applications, capacity).

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