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We're a solution agnostic digital business and marketing consulting firm, with a backbone in data analytics.


We get involved when you're stuck.


Marketing, Agency &
Digital Auditing

Conduct a 360 audit of your media, marketing, digital platforms and agencies to identify a 3rd party view of;

  • Opportunities for growth, retention or cost savings,
  • Risks, issues and vulnerabilities,
  • Process and operating rhythm improvement

We’ll perform the audit and develop a report with prioritised recommendations for you, or us to implement.


Digital Business & Marketing Strategy

Tzu & Co. uniquely specialises in advisory, analysis, planning and management of marketing and digital business (any element of a business that touches or uses technology to operate, promote or sell their product or service).  Our typical services are:

  • Brand architecture and positioning strategy development
  • GTM/Market segmentation and targeting strategy
  • Developing digital acquisition plans
  • Developing loyalty and retention plans
  • Identifying and solving digital product gaps
  • Introducing new internal and external processes to support initiatives

Analytics & Attribution

We understand what a marketer needs to know in order to make better investment decisions or to demonstrate value back to the business.

Using your existing analytics & technology stack or developing a new  bespoke customer data view, we assist our clients in gaining visibility over:

  • Your customer behaviour
  • Attributing marketing activity to a customer and their value,
  • ROI and ROAS

Digital Transformation

The world has forced changed upon people and how they interact with each other and businesses. From shopping behaviours to virtual communication; nothing will be the same.

Our specialists have proven success in digital transformation, we help you close the gap between where you are and where you need to be, for survival and grow.


CDP Specialists

Segment Certified Partner

To support the needs of our clients in helping them make sense of the chaos within their customer data, Tzu & Co. have become one of the few Australian Certified Segment partners.

With Segment, we’re able to help our clients achieve a single view of their customers and comply with privacy and GDPR.


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