The Australian Workers' Union

Digital Transformation : Phase 1 Case Study


The Australian Workers’ Union is Australia’s largest blue-collar union with over 85,000 members in oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, aviation, construction and many other industries across the country.  Operating for over 131 years, it is the backbone of the country.

However with such a legacy comes a legacy of older, outdated technology. In response, the AWU began a journey of digital transformation for the purposes of modernising the capabilities of the union, thereby future-proofing it to deal with the challenges of the next 100 years.

What We Did:


The first phase in this digital transformation was to run a National Digital Health Check (NDHC).

After tender, Tzu was briefed and commenced work across the National Office and all State Branches. The NDHC was to analyse the current state of the union’s People, Process, Platforms and Technology & IT Infrastructure and provide recommendations on what would be and how to transition to the ideal future digital state. Tzu also conducted a CX project to understand the journey and changing needs of the union’s members (customers), past, present and potential.

The resulting report defined a set of insights and prioritised recommendations, which would, in turn, form a roadmap to the union’s digital transformation.  These recommendations were then placed into a sequence of priority projects to be undertaken over a 24-36 month period. 


  1. A backbone technology has been introduced which improves efficiencies by over 50%
  2. Data analysis discovered an opportunity to increase automated member acquisition by over 20%